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An Ordinary Day I Will Never Forget

Summer has come to a close and Autumn is approaching quickly. As I drive to work in the morning, I feel the crispness in the air and the smell of pumpkin spice in my coffee. What a summer it has been. So many unexpected twists and turns and watching God open doors that only He can do. I really don't understand how people think God is boring?! All I have to say is, "They're not doing it right." Living with a willing heart is an adventure that never grows old or boring but pushes me beyond what I ever thought possible.

Life has been rather busy for us. We welcomed our third (and last) bundle of joy into the world in April. Gracyn is absolutely perfect in everyway. At 4 months she is tender and lovely and more than I could have ever dreamed of her being. I was blessed to receive 16 weeks paid leave which is almost unheard of in this day and age. It gave me the best gift ever; the gift of time. Time to just enjoy my kids, my home, my hubby without feeling rushed or conflicted. So motherhood was my summer assignment and my days were a mix of frustrated chaos and joy. Going from two to three whooped me. I don't think I was quite prepared for the whole 'being outnumbered' thing. Totally different animal. It is wonderfully hard.

Now that school has started again, I am back at work and life has adapted to a somewhat normal routine. I thought I would kick off my first post in a while with a story. I love how God isn't just up in the sky somewhere but that He loves to invade our everyday lives and move into the neighborhood (John 1:14 MSG). Every time I encounter Jesus, I find myself being transformed. My God encounters are what separates me from the world and what a wonder that no matter how long I have walked with the Lord, there is always more to know of Him (Matthew 17:1-13). I say all this because I learn more about God through my kids than almost anything else. Maybe it's because I see more of myself in them and how God must see things from His vantage point. So here is the story of an ordinary day that I will never forget.


My son Cade (7) has discovered a love for video games. I bought Josh a Wii back when they first came out years ago and I will admit it has sat in our basement for years without any action. Cade discovered it and soon found out he could mix his love for games with Star Wars and it was a match made in Heaven. Lego Star Wars... the ultimate 'Mom needs a break' distraction. My son LOVES it. Cant get enough and I am finding that if I would allow it, He would play the day away till I call him up to eat or go to bed.

One day, he asked if he could go play one level. I explained to him that he needed to pick up his room and get his clothes put away first. He didn't much like that answer and went stomping off to his room where I hear him starting to throw toys into his toy bins. Within 5 minutes, he is standing before me, saying he is done and he is going downstairs. I couldn't believe that he did all that well in 5 minutes so I went in his room with him to check and sure enough, stuff is everywhere, crammed in every nook and cranny in his room. Selves are a mess, underwear is hanging out of his drawers, bed isn't made... you get the picture. I explained to him that he didn't do what I asked him to do and that he needed to finish this step before he could go on to the next. The attitude of your average 7 year old appeared and Cade began saying the phrases all kids say like, "This isn't fair." "Why Mom?" "Cant I do this later?" "I don't want to." As I was correcting Cade, God began ministering to my heart and gently reminded me, "Allison, how many times do you say that to me?" Yep. That hurt. While Cade was still throwing all this attitude around I said, "Cade, life is more than video games" and left him to it.

As I walked away I couldn't help but think about how many times I try to skip the process to get to the product. I think it doesn't matter and I cut corners or think that I can handle it when in reality God is trying to train my spirit and character so that when He does give it to me I can handle it. Life is more than video games. I am learning to see that life is more about the process than the destination. That the condition of my soul is more important than my success. If I can't do what He has asked me now, even if I think it unfair or pointless, why would He ever take me into deeper places where my character cannot sustain my calling? God is a master craftsman and He layers those 'pointless' moments in our lives so that when we look back we will have a mature, tested wisdom. In Him, nothing is wasted. No day. No season. No encounter. He is not confined to time but He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Then Yahweh said to me, "You have seen well; for I watch over my word to preform it. -Jeremiah 1:12 (World English Version)

Life is too short to live frustrated and I want to see every opportunity that God has given me to grow in wisdom, in capacity and in stature. Remember, we grow so that others around us can grow. They need your wisdom; your tested, mature wisdom. The Amplified Bible gives this definition for Wisdom: Godly wisdom learned by costly experience. Love that. (Proverbs 5:1)

Taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. -Psalm 34:8

He is good in every season of our lives. He is good when I understand and He is good in my confusion. There is good to be found in every day. If He is God- He is good. They cannot be separated. So it's up to me to stay sweet in the process. Find the sweet spot and stop whining in the middle and remember that He is faithful and full of kindness to walk with you through the calling on your life.

Be encouraged and never forget to remind your soul who you are.

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